Quickhatch help startups and upstarts to navigate complexity, create future-proof brands, and build better things, faster.

[ kwik-hach ]
verb to solve complex problems, quickly

Quickhatch are a loosely knit collective of designers, creatives, developers and strategists, based in every corner of the world. Led by Kevin Maguire, a strategic consultant with 20 years of experience working with leading brands like Nike, HBO, Lyft and more. He worked for close to a decade inside Google, developing and launching initiatives like Google AI and SOS Alerts, until he left to rethink how agencies work with brands, how people work with each other, and how we feel about our own relationships to work.Kevin helps companies, large and small, solve critical business problems through culture-first thinking and a different approach to work, turning an 8-week process into a 4 day one.He is the writer and editor of The New Fatherhood, a weekly newsletter on what it means to be a dad today; read by 10,000+ dads in 120 countries every Tuesday afternoon (deadlines permitting). Esquire magazine called it “one of the best newsletters on the internet,” saying it was "like one big group text with other guys, fumbling their way through parenthood.”

I was aware of Kevin’s depth of talent having worked with him during his time at Google Creative Lab. We were confronted with the challenge of bringing disparate pieces of a complicated business model into a cohesive story. While Kevin and the team played an integral role in shaping the company’s brand narrative, their work far exceeded this. Analytical, strategic, and creative, Kevin’s input on the company not only helped form the basis for our fundraising strategy but for our strategic vision as a whole. We simply wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.
— William Usdin, Chief Operating Officer, Woven Science


After over 15 years working for agencies and inside Google, we realised that the way we make creative work is broken: things take too long, cost too much, and the final product ends up something everyone feels a bit "meh" about.Quickhatch help brands launch products, position new initiatives, build cross-channel marketing campaigns, create launch films and rethink user experiences in super-fast time using Design Sprint thinking.

Sometimes these workshops are for FTSE 500 companies, looking to innovate in the creative process and get to better ideas, faster (like this project for Google which came out of a four-day workshop.) Other times it's for startups who want to move to market with a compelling narrative that drives internal alignment and external resonance. And sometimes, Kevin does it for himself, like with The New Fatherhood or the digital product TedOS.

Quickhatch's process and facilitation accelerated our work from months to days, enabling us to condense a process of alignment & action, and without their work, it would not have been possible. It was truly valuable and has had resoundingly positive feedback from all participants
— Arielle Ruys Strem, VP Global Consumer Strategy, Nike


Kevin works as a trusted strategic partner for startups and upstarts looking to solve problems with human-centered thinking. He works as a brand and product advisor for multiple startups, coming in anywhere from pre-seed (whilst companies are evolving their narrative hand-in-hand with their product to accelerate the race to product-market fit) to pre-IPO.

Working with Kevin was a really valuable experience. We were at an early stage of building our MVP and getting stuck with how to translate our vision and insider knowledge into a simple and practical brand solution. Kevin provided a supportive, insightful set of external eyes to guide us forward. His way of working was fun, as well as highly productive, informing everything from branding to product development and design. He’s a strategic thinker, extremely open and was happy to jump into the trenches with us - which was just what we needed. Kevin also generously connected us to some awesome collaborators, who offer the highest quality of work.

— Natalie Pierre, Co-Founder, GASM


In 2016, after a chance meeting with an executive coach in a Bay Area kitchen, Kevin began to realise he was not his job and left the cushy sofas and well-stocked kitchens of Google behind. He moved to Barcelona and started a new life where life, work, and family were better integrated. In 2022 he trained to become an executive coach himself, to offer others the same guidance that once found him. He sometimes works with folks who are feeling burnt out and disillusioned by life in tech and advertising; other times dads who are looking to find balance of their own. And, more often than not, an ever-increasing overlap between the two.

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